Enjoy your life of studying abroad with UnionPay

The UnionPay global acceptance network has covered all the popular destinations for the Chinese students who study abroad. UnionPay International takes multiple measures to serve and support students: offering online and offline tuition payment service, issuing student cards in the local markets, and offering scholarships and grants to students. At present, more than 2,000 overseas educational institutions, including many renowned universities and colleges (Harvard University, Stanford University, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Imperial College London, and University of Sydney, etc.) accept UnionPay cards for tuition payment. In addition, the campus POS terminals at some overseas schools accept UnionPay cards to pay for tuition, textbooks and accommodation.

When studying abroad, remember to take along your UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62). No matter on campus or traveling, UnionPay offers you safe, convenient and preferential payment experiences. With UnionPay, you will quickly adapt to your life abroad and your parents will rest assured.

  • Covers more than1400 educational institutions.
    All the educational institutions covered by the platform accept UnionPay card for cross-border online tuition payment.
    Log inwww.flywire.comget registered, select the school to which payment will be made, fill in personal and payment information, confirm the information to submit an order and complete payment with UnionPay cards after the page is directed to UnionPay Online Payment. Flywire also provides payment online inquiry service to ensure the timeliness of the remittance.
  • Covers more than900 educational institutions.
    All the educational institutions covered by the platform acceptUnionPay card for cross-border online tuition payment.
    Log inwww.paytuitionnow.comselect school to which payment will be made, complete student and payment information and Western Union-provided transaction number, enter the "UPOP" page and input the UnionPay card number to complete the payment.
  • About 90% of colleges and universities in Taiwan SAR
    Accept UnionPay card for online tuition payment.
    Upon logging in the tuition payment platform of。
    Bank of Taiwan SAR(https://school.bot.com.tw)、
    Taiwan SAR Cooperative Bank(https://ars.tcb-bank.com.tw)、
    CTBC Bank(https://school.yuantabank.com.tw
    First Bank(https://www.firstbank.com.tw
    Chang Hwa Bank(https://school.chb.com.tw)About 90% colleges and universities accept UnionPay card for cross-border online tuition payment.
  • Cover more than700 educational institutions.
    UnionPay cards are accepted in more than 700 educational institutions under the third-party organizations TMS and TouchNet where students can pay tuition with UnionPay credit cards via the tuition payment webpage of the schools. University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, The Language School of University of New South Wales Australia and University of Auckland New Zealand all accept UnionPay cards for online tuition payment.
  • Cover hundreds of overseas well-known educational institutions.
    In Singapore, POS terminals in about 80 local educational institutions including Nanyang Technological University accept UnionPay cards to pay for tuition and accommodation. Six well-known universities in Hong Kong and Macau accept UnionPay to pay for seminars and examinations. In Australia, more than 200 middle schools and universities including Macquarie University and University of Wollongong accept UnionPay cards for to pay for tuition, textbooks and accommodation.
    In the US, the campus bookstores in over 20 universities with the largest number of Chinese students such as Columbia University and New York University accept UnionPay credit cards. In Europe, the POS terminals in over 70 colleges, private middle and primary schools and training schools in the UK, France, Italy and Spain accept UnionPay cards for tuition payment. UnionPay cards are also accepted at the Student Service Center of University of Manchester, students’ dormitory of University of Bath, Student Service Center of Coventry University, and University of Plymouth library.
  • Safe, convenient and fast
    When tuition is paid with UnionPay card online, the operating procedure can be safer, faster and more convenient and the payment can generally be received within three working days without remittance outlet restrictions.
  • Convenient cash withdrawal and easy payment
    UnionPay cards can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs in major destinations for overseas study, satisfying students’ daily payment demands, and saving the trouble of carrying a large amount of cash overseas.
  • Debited in RMB, more cost-effective
    When tuition is paid with UnionPay card, the UnionPay card account will be debited in RMB without charging any currency conversion fees.
  • Purchase abroad and repay at home
    When a UnionPay card is used overseas, the parent will be updated of any changes to the account information and the credit card bills can be paid in RMB domestically.
  • Convenient and preferential card-using experiences
    UnionPay provides convenient and preferential payment services on campus, at famous local business districts and scenic spots.
  • Apply for cards locally to enjoy exclusive offers
    Students studying abroad can apply for UnionPay cards in more than 40 countries and regions across the world and enjoy safe and convenient payment service and exclusive offers in 162 countries and regions.