• Merchant Type:


  • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

    KT group, headquartered in Seoul, is founded in 1981 and one of the largest telecom companies In Korea.

    - providing moblie service which includes telecommnication, roaming service and etc. 

  • Duration:

    2023-04-04 To 2023-12-31

  • Preferential range:

    All Unionpay cards , except for Unionpay card issued locally in Korea

  • Activity content:

    1.    Prepaid SIM/eSIM 10% off

    -  For 5days / Original price: KRW 27,500/ Unionpay promotion: KRW 24,700

    -  For 10days / Original price: KRW 38,500/ Unionpay promotion: KRW 34,600

    -  For 20days / Original price: KRW 60,500/ Unionpay promotion: KRW 54,400

    -  For 30days / Original price: KRW 71,500/ Unionpay promotion: KRW 64,300


    2.    KT IB EGG up to 50% off

    -       For 1-10 days / Original price: KRW 8,800/day / Unionpay promotion: KRW 4,400/day

    -       For 11-20 days / Original price: KRW 7,700// Unionpay promotion: KRW 4,400/day

    -       For 21~30days / Original price: KRW 6,600// Unionpay promotion: KRW 4,400/day

  • Activity Rules:

    1. At the KT counter in Incheon International Airport, cardholders must show discount coupons or promotion page on UnionPay's website to KT employee and have to pay with UnionPay cards issued in China.

    2. Please click on the link below to check the location of KT in Incheon International Airport. URL: Customer Center | kt

    3. Cardholders may call UnionPay International's official customer service hotline 0079-814-800-7159 if they have any questions about the offer upon transactions.

    4. This offer is provided only for clearing by UnionPay card through the UnionPay network.

    5. If a refund or return occurs, the discount amount shall be refunded.

    6. The Rules may be subject to change to the extent permitted by applicable law.

    7. Cannot receive double discounts with other discounts offered by kt.

    8. No restriction on the number of participants during the event.

  • Exception Clause:

    1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
    2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services shall be borne by the merchant.
    3. Merchants and/or offer may be affected by COVID-19. Details shall be subject to the announcement of the merchant.
    4.The design, text, images and links contained in this page shall only be used, permitted by UnionPay International, for the purpose of promoting the corresponding activities of UnionPay International. After the end of the promotion, the link and other related content will be invalid. If used, please delete it immediately. Unionpay International shall not be liable for the consequences or damages incurred as a result of any failure to delete it in time or unreasonable use.