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    PARADISE CITY is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia combining multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment facilities such as a hotel, casino, convention, shopping, art gallery, spa, club, carnival and performance. PARADISE CITY offers the most exciting entertainment you have ever experienced. Through partnerships with the world's most prestigious hospitality companies, we provide facilities, content, and services of the highest standards.

  • Duration:

    2023-05-24 To 2023-09-30

  • Preferential range:

    All UnionPay Cards, except for UnionPay cards issued locally in Korea

  • Activity content:

    UnionPay Online Payment, Enjoy Multiple Benefits, Embark on a Journey to Korea!

    Enjoy a remarkable discount of up to 64% on your room!

    (Deluxe rooms available for reservations at the regular price of 750,000 KRW, now starting from a minimum price of only 260,000 KRW.)

    For more detail:  乐达斯城 (p-city.com)


    Occupancy Standard: 2 Adults and 2 Children

    Book a room and enjoy the following facilities included in the package: 


    Wonder Box (Free admission limited to one time for 2 ADULTS,2 CHILDREN/ 2NIGHTS)

    CIMER (Free admission limited to one time for two adults)

    PLAY LAB (One time access for two adults and two children)

    KIDS ZONE (One time access for two adults and two children)

    Fitness Center (One time access for two adults)

  • Activity Rules:

    1.Please present your passport upon check-in.

    2.This promotion is only applicable to UnionPay card transactions settled through the UnionPay network.

    3.In case of refunds or returns, only the actual amount paid by the cardholder will be refunded, and the promotional amount will not be included.

    4.The promotion has limited availability and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis according to the actual sequence of transactions. The promotion will end when the quota is reached.

    5.The promotion terms and conditions are subject to change within the permissible scope of applicable laws.

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    1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
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