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  • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

    airasia Superapp (to be renamed to airasia Move soon) its digital arm, Red Beat Ventures a travel & lifestyle technology company expanding beyond air transport including travel, e-commerce, food delivery and more.  It serves as a s one-stop-shop for customer, making their lives easier and more convenient. 

  • Duration:

    2023-12-01 To 2024-11-30

  • Preferential range:

    UnionPay cardholders with cards starting with BIN 62 or 81, issued in any of the following Southeast Asian countries, are eligible: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, and Vietnam.

  • Activity content:

    Spend a minimum single transaction of RM 300 or equivalent currency with  Southease Asia UnionPay Card to enjoy the perks below:

            a)  All Southeast Asia Cardholder

                      1) Free upgrade to Platinum membership Status (Membership validity = 1 Year)

                      2) Priority Booking

                      3) Priority Boarding

                      4) Priority Baggage

                      5) Up to 15% off selected hotel discount

            b) Platinum & Diamond Cardholder

                      1) Free Rides to airport

                             a) Rides capped at RM 60 or other equivalent currency

                             b) Rides capped at 250 trips per month  (First come, first served )

                             c) Rides available country (Malaysia, Bangkok & Bali only)



  • Activity Rules:

    1.  To qualify and participate in this Event, Participants must fulfil the following requirements during the Event Period (“Event Requirements”):-

            a) In the event the Participant n participate the event via https://www.airasia.com/ or airasia                                Superapp (collectively referred to as “Dedicated Platforms”)

            b) To participate in this Event, the Participants are required to fulfil the Event Requirement and perform              a minimum single transaction of RM 300 or equivalent currency on airasia Superapp or website with              UnionPay International Card during the Event Period. Details, please refer to below:

                 Country                        Currency                              Minimum Transaction Amount

                 Malaysia                      MYR                                      300

                 Indonesia                     IDR                                       1,000,000

                 Thailand                      THB                                       2,300

                 Philippines                   PHP                                      3,700

                 Singapore                    SGD                                      90

                 Brunei                          BND                                      90

                 Vietnam                       VND                                     1,550,000

                Cambodia                     USD                                      70

                Myanmar                      USD                                      70

                Laos                             USD                                      70           

           c)  Purchase has to be made in a single receipt only.  The Platinum membership status will be shown                T + 14 in Superapp upon successful transaction with UnionPay Card

           d) Only one time platinum membership upgrade is eligible for cardholder that successful to be                           upgraded

    2.  Participate in the Present Platinum status program to enjoy priority check-in, baggage handling, and at the check in counter. 

    3.  The cardholder who qualifies for the Free Rides voucher will receive it via email, and the rides are available in Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali

    For the details Term & Condition please refer to attachment. 


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