UnionPay cards now accepted through all Amtrak’s payment channels

UnionPay International announced today that UnionPay credit cards issued worldwide are now accepted through all Amtrak’s payment channels, offering greater convenience and better payment experiences to free-and-independent travelers to the United States in particular. To date, UnionPay cards are accepted at almost all ATMs in the US, and over 80% of the local merchant locations accept UnionPay credit cards.

According to the data issued by Brand USA, more than 3 million Chinese tourists visited the US last year, and these tourists’ focus is shifting from sightseeing to experiencing the local life. To meet the diverse consumer demands, UnionPay International is devoted to optimizing its acceptance network in the US. Now, UnionPay’s acceptance coverage in the local key cities and business districts is over 90%. In the field of transportation, for instance, UnionPay cards are already accepted at various airline companies, railways, car rentals and urban transportation, including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Hertz, Avis, Mobil and the metros in New York, Boston and some other east-coast cities in the US.

Amtrak is the intercity passenger rail service provider and the high-speed rail operator in the United States. It operates over 300 trains per day, reaching more than 500 destinations in the US and Canada. Now, passengers are able to use their UnionPay credit cards to purchase or book train tickets through Amtrak’s multiple payment channels including Amtrak.com, Amtrak mobile apps, Quick-Trak kiosks, staffed stations and by calling 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Since the chip immigration is under way in the US, tourists are recommended to carry UnionPay chip magnetic composite cards when visiting the US. If the merchant POS terminals prompt “swipe” after a UnionPay chip card is inserted, cardholders may pull out the cards and swipe it to pay. No PIN is needed when paying with credit cards in the US, and cardholders only need to sign their names. Cardholders with UnionPay cards issued in mainland China may contact the issuer to cancel the transaction PIN before setting out to the US. Cardholders may also pay with UnionPay debit cards at the merchants equipped with PIN pads.

Moreover, UnionPay cardholders are able to enjoy diverse card-using benefits and privileges in the US now, covering fields of lodging, sightseeing, catering and entertainment. Recently, UnionPay International launched the first “UnionPay Restaurant Feast” in the US. From now to the end of February, 2018, UnionPay cardholders may enjoy multiple discounts and privileges at over 100 renowned restaurants in New York. Besides, UnionPay cardholders may get free entrance to famous museums in New York and Chicago, and the largest department store, the Macy’s, has joined UnionPay International cross-border marketing platform, U Plan, through which UnionPay cardholders may enjoy instant discounts when paying with UnionPay cards at the Macy’s while getting and presenting U Plan e-coupons via the APP of “Mobile QuickPass”.