UnionPay offers various types of discounts for the up-coming Chinese National Day Holiday

With the Chinese Mid-Autumn and National Day holiday is approaching, China’s outbound tourism market will reach its peak. According to a joint survey conducted by UnionPay International and Nielsen, the National Holiday is the preferred period for Chinese tourists to travel abroad, and offers and discounts have become an important reason for their choice of merchants. Over 30% of the survey participants said they would go to the merchants particular for the discounts.

So far, UnionPay’s acceptance footprint has expanded to 170 countries and regions, with more than 25 million merchants outside mainland China accepting UnionPay cards. Based on its increasingly extensive acceptance network, UnionPay International is launching card-using discounts of up to 30% at about 20,000 merchant locations across 25 countries and regions outside the Chinese Mainland. In addition to card-using discounts, UnionPay is also offering special benefits for travel booking, mobile payments, u•plan e-coupons, and random discounts, to improve the cardholder's outbound travel payment experience.

UnionPay continues to upgrade cardholders’ experiences

Ning Xiaoxiao bought a brand handbag at the Lafayette when travelling in Paris early September. When paying with UnionPay cards, she got a random discount of 30 Euros. Then, she claimed VAT refund at the self-service tax refund machine at the Lafayette. In all, she paid only 85% of the normal price of the bag. The Lafayette has recently connected to UnionPay’s Instant Discount System, which offers instant discounts to UnionPay cardholders whom have spent to a certain amount. Each day, 300 UnionPay cardholders are able to get this special benefit.

Compared with traditional card-using discounts, UnionPay's instant discount has three major features: First, the merchant does not need to modify its system; therefore more merchants are willing to launch UnionPay card offers. Second, the discount amount is automatically calculated by the system to ensure cardholders can get solid benefits. Third, it provides multiple and flexible marketing modes, such as discounts for spending a certain amount, instant discount after registration, random discount for spending a certain amount, etc. This innovative marketing system is well-received by merchants and cardholders. As of the end of August, 1,300 merchants outside mainland China give UnionPay cardholders special offers through UnionPay’s Instant Discount System. With this new marketing method, the number of transactions using UnionPay cards at some merchants increased by about 30%.

Launching the Instant Discount System is one of the measures UnionPay International takes to continue upgrade its marketing methods and services to enhance cardholder's experience. Now, cardholders from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau can enjoy UnionPay mobile payment service in 41 countries and regions using the “UnionPay” app. The app users can also enjoy special offers for UnionPay mobile payment, download e-coupons and check about global UnionPay offers, etc.. Meanwhile, UnionPay’s cross-border marketing platform, u•plan has covered about 7,800 merchant locations in 17 countries and regions. Cardholders can download u•plan e-coupons from 52 platforms including the “UnionPay” app to enjoy the best discounts available at participating stores. Using UnionPay Online Payment, cardholders can get various offers at a number of international airlines, OTAs, and hotel groups.

Cardholders can enjoy UnionPay offers in various sectors

UnionPay’s global marketing campaign during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day covers short-distance travel destinations such as Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Southeast Asia, and long-distance destinations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Russia. Merchants from over 10 Belt and Road countries have also participated in the campaign. These countries include the Czech Republic and Hungary, which take part in the campaign for the first time.

According to the joint survey done by UnionPay International and Nielsen, over 30% of Chinese outbound travelers wish to get discounts and privileges in transportation and catering, etc. In this campaign, about half of the merchants are in these sectors. For instance, cardholders can take the Airport Express in Moscow for only 1 rouble. Self-driving cardholders can enjoy up to 25%-off at Hertz and AVIS. Special discounts are also offered to UnionPay cardholders who take Paris Sightseeing Bus and the South African Shongololo Express.

Cardholders can also get pleasant surprises at catering and tourism merchants. In Japan, more than 600 well-known local food and beverage merchants offer up to 10% discount for UnionPay cardholders. In the “Singapore Golden Week” event, visitors can enjoy up to 30% off discounts at many local restaurants and cultural establishments.