As the first open cross-border marketing service platform launched by a bankcard scheme, u•plan takes as its logo. Adopting mobile Internet technology, u•plan realizes accurate location-based marketing and instant discount in cross-border consumption for the first time, enhancing UnionPay’s cross-border marketing capability and customers’ card-using experience.

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  • First Step
    You can download UnionPay International APP, and then enter into the column of u•plan and click the merchant to get the exclusive promotion coupon of QR code. Of course, you will encounter when browsing major websites, or receive when booking air tickets and hotels. Please take the gift in anyway.
  • Second Step
    During the trip, you can receiveon your mobile phone for the second time if there is a need (when reaching or approaching participating merchants).
  • Third Step
    It is available to enjoy the maximum discount with direct reduction by showing your u•plan coupon, scanning QR code and completing the payment with UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62). That's so easy, especially with our newly launched coupon package.