• Customize a UnionPay card product that tailors to your specific needs and enjoy abundant privileges that meet your diversified card-using demands.
  • ICBC USA UnionPay Credit Card

    Card Type: Credit Card 

    Earn $50-$100 sign-up cash bonus 
    Earn 1%-1.5% cash back on every purchase with no cap 
    No foreign transaction fee 
    $0 liability on unauthorized purchases 
    Available in Preferred UnionPay Gold Card and Premier UnionPay Platinum Card 
    *Above subject to credit approval 

    Please contact ICBC USA Branches for more information! 
    Any questions, you can also send email to cardinfo@icbc-us.com 

  • East West Bank UnionPay Prepaid Card

    Card Type Prepaid Card

    Bullets on key features
    Enjoy nearly 100% acceptance in China
    Receive discounts and special offers arranged by UnionPay at well-known merchants worldwide when you use the UnionPay card1
    View your balance, load funds, and manage your profile with the EWBridgePayTM mobile app2
    Withdraw cash from any ATM in China3
    Use your prepaid card in the U.S. where Discover® and NYCE® are accepted
    1 Please see UnionPay's Offers & Privileges webpage for details. For questions about these benefits, please contact the UnionPay hotline for your home country.
    2 Wireless carrier charges may apply.
    3 A fee will be assessed when using out of network ATMs. Refer to fee schedule for details.

  • ECARD UnionPay Prepaid Card

    Card Type: Prepaid Card

    •    No credit check, no hard pull of credit record
    •    SSN not mandatory
    •    Non-U.S. Passport Welcome
    •    No overdraft fee, no minimum balance required
    •    Easily reload with mobile app or with cash at 70,000+ locations in the U.S
    •    Instant transfers between users
    •    Balance up to $250,000 is insured by FDIC
    •    Real-time & competitive exchange rate
    •    Easy and safe online application
    •    Complimentary rewards to new applicants

    Please find more information on ecardinc.com.
    If you have any questions, please email to support@ecardinc.com