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  • Angola – Brazil in Africa

    Angola is located in the southwest f Africa and has its capital being Luanda. Its national power has witnessed a rapid increase for oil production and is hopeful to become one of the richest countries in Africa because of vast territory, abundant resources, rich land, diversified resources unexplored, particularly oil resources, as well as diamond produced inland. As a dependency of Portugal in the past, Angola is also known as the “Brazil in Africa”. Why not take your UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) to appreciate the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of humanism in Angola. 

  • POS acceptance


  • Cash withdrawal

    In Angola, over 3000 of the ATMs accept UnionPay cards, except BMI’s 10 ATMs. UnionPay cards can be accepted for withdrawing Angola Kwanza and for balance inquiry at all the EMIS Network ATMs, branded as Multicaixa. There are UnionPay signage on these ATMs or the ATM screen.

    Please refer to the latest government policy on overseas cash withdrawal via UnionPay cards at “Help Center-Card-using Instructions-Refined Card-using Tips". Daily cash withdrawal limit from respective issuers and/or ATM may apply. Please consult your issuer on the possible cap on the amount. You may split your withdrawals into several times which comply with the limit(s).

  • Charges

    No conversion fee is applied to payments or cash withdrawal made by UnionPay cards or via UnionPay network. The transaction value in local currency will be directly converted to RMB based on the market exchange rate.