• Customize a UnionPay card product that tailors to your specific needs and enjoy abundant privileges that meet your diversified card-using demands.
  • Dragon Bonus Business Platinum: the first UnionPay credit card in Turkey

    Dragon Bonus Business Platinum is designed to greatly facilitate the life of travelers to Asia and especially sole traders, may be used for all kinds of expenditures allowing use of credit card as the brand that is most widely accepted in China and many other Asian-Pacific countries and regions. Having the same features with the Turkey’s most liked credit card Bonus, Dragon Bonus Business is at the same time valid in more than 2 million merchants in Turkey and provides the opportunity of payment in installments in 250 thousand merchants that are contracted with Garanti. Dragon Bonus Business holders are also eligible for comprehensive concierge services and insurance opportunities both at home and abroad. Cardholders may, by calling Dragon Bonus Business Travel and Concierge Line no. (0212) 310 23 31, make use of such services as flight and hotel reservations, travel planning, ticket purchase and delivery offered specifically to them at home and abroad, as well as invitation and visa, guidance and rent-a-car services for business travels to China.