Welcome to UnionPay Card Exchange Rate Query

Exchange rates provided on this website are from UnionPay System. The applicable exchange rates in UnionPay System are composited data from multiple market sources and subject to market-oriented principle. Additional fees charged by Issuers (if any) are excluded.

In consideration of additional fees charged by Issuers (if any) and possible rounding differences, the exchange rate displayed here may differ from the billing exchange rates for each individual transaction.

The exchange rate on transaction date may be first applied to UnionPay Card transaction. Under certain circumstances, the exchange rate on the settlement date may be applied. (Note: Transaction date is the day on which a transaction is initiated, while settlement date is the day on which UnionPay settles the transaction fund with the Acquirers and the Issuers.)

UnionPay exchange rates update from Monday to Friday with the Friday exchange rate applying to transactions made on Saturday and Sunday. If there is no unexpected circumstances, exchange rates of certain European currencies are updated in UnionPay System at 16:30 Beijing Time, and those of remaining currencies at 11:00 Beijing Time. Please note that the exchange rates displayed here may not synchronize with the exchange rates in UnionPay System.

UnionPay Cardholders may consult with the Issuers for more information on exchange rates.

*The above information is for reference only.