UnionPay QR Code Promotional Video

The UnionPay QR code payment product facilitates inter-bank switching among the apps of UnionPay members. The interaction between EMV QR codes enables person-to-person, person-to-merchant and merchant-to-merchant payments and value-added applications. QR scanning involves two modes: merchant-presented and consumer-presented. In terms of use case development, UnionPay International has launched multiple solutions such as the fund collection code, payment code, cash withdrawal code, and transit code to match the diverse needs of merchants and increase the speed of network development. UnionPay International actively cooperates with partners outside the Chinese mainland to develop or upgrade local wallets based on UnionPay standards. UnionPay cardholders can make UnionPay QR code payments at nearly 30 million merchants in 46 countries and regions around the world, covering a wide range of payment scenarios such as retail, food and beverage, campus, transportation, and healthcare.

Customer Journey

Fast and safe, leading the new trend of mobile payment

How to pay through the Push Mode?
  • Download APP and bind a UnionPay card

  • Activate the “Scan QR Code”function

  • Scan QR code

  • Payment done

How to pay through the Pull Mode?
  • Download APP and bind a UnionPay card

  • Present QR code

  • Get it Scanned

  • Payment done

Product Features

Secure and reliable risk control

UnionPay QR codes adopt tokenization to further protect user privacy. Additionally, other technologies such as biometrics, device fingerprints, real-time risk monitoring and interception are deployed to ensure controllable risks and security of funds.

Various functions widely supported

It allows all smart phones as well as apps, given that such apps meet security qualifications, to join and enable related business. Various user portals are available with a wide coverage. At the same time, the QR code supports acquiring use cases at both physical and online/mobile merchants.

Various forms of marketing

The UnionPay QR code comes with the u·plan UnionPay Cross-Border Marketing Platform, supporting a variety of marketing tools and features such as random and threshold discounts as well as offers. It meets the needs of UnionPay partners for customized marketing, and helps them accelerate the cultivation of mobile payment users and business promotion.

Globally compatible specifications

The UnionPay QR code is compliant with the EMV specifications. Card issuers and mobile app providers can enable the QR code both in and outside the Chinese mainland once the feature is activated.

Easy access and wide acceptance

Card issuers can quickly launch the product with simple modification. Flexible access is available for acquirers, who can enable merchant-presented QR payment without any changes to the acquiring system and acceptance terminal. The UnionPay QR code supports both online and offline use cases. Be it supermarkets, convenience stores, street markets or fruit stores, the UnionPay QR code is available at all types of merchants, large or small.

Applicability of the UnionPay QR Code

List of Recommended Merchants

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Market Use Case Merchants
Hong Kong, China F&B 翠華、海底捞、肯德基、茶木、天仁茗茶、稻香、太平洋咖啡、星巴克咖啡、麦当劳、美心西饼 及中菜、东海堂、鸿福堂、吉野家、Haagen-Dazs
Shopping 7-Eleven、OK便利店、VangoSASA、卡莱美、卓悦、百老汇电器、丰泽、马拉松、Columbia、千色店、先施、永安百货、一田百货、實惠、日本城
Entertainment 海洋公园、香港大富翁夢想世界
Macao, China Shopping 新八佰伴、万宁、來來電器, 新苗超市, 新花城超市, 莎莎, 中國電信,優品360,卡萊美
F&B GODIVA、哈根达斯、香榭里烘焙、聚、奇华饼家、Isaac Toast、味13美食坊、美丹小食店、亚坤, 國記果汁
Japan F&B 食其家、松屋百货F&B层
Shopping 近铁百货、松屋银座、必酷、乐购仕、玩具反斗城、LOFT、JTC
Transit JapanTaxi
Airport 关西Airport、羽田Airport
Pakistan F&B 必胜客、肯德基、汉堡王
Shopping Miniso
UAE F&B Costa Coffee
Shopping Bottega Veneta、Eyezone、Rivoli、Rolex、Spinney's, Longines、Royal DFS
Transit Dubai Taxi
South Korea Shopping 新世界免税店、乐天免税店、新罗免税店、现代百货免税店、Galleria免税店、HDC新罗免税店、东和免税店、SM免税店、都塔百货、AK Plaza、W-mall EMART24、GS25、CU便利店、乐天玛特、Ministop LALAVLA、自然共和国、Daiso 明洞商圈、韩国民俗村
F&B 肯德基、麦当劳、星巴克、BaskingRobins、Miss Saigon、Ediya coffee
Tourist Attraction 韩国民俗村、乐天世界、Everland、MplayGround、Termeden、Aqua Planet、KT Wiz Park、Pine Resort、Elysian Resort、Oak Valley Resort、Wellihilli Park Resort、HanHwa Resort
Transit 首尔出租车
Singapore F&B 所有小贩中心、遍布全岛的iJooz鲜榨橙汁贩卖机、老曾记以及贡茶、喜茶、著名金珠娘惹粽、店小二当归烤鸭、五星海南鸡饭、珍宝海鲜等
Shopping 思家客国货超市、福华甜品等
Thailand Shopping King Power、Gems Gallerry、GMS、Siam Paragon、Emporium、Emquartier易初莲花、Eyelab
F&B Jamie's Italian、Shushi Den、Class Ca fé、Mezzo Coffee、Caffe D Oro
Malaysia F&B Old Town White Coffee、恭和堂酒楼、鼎泰丰、Dome、Putien
Shopping Orange、eco-shop、Econ Save
Airport Duty Free Store Colour & Fragrance Dimensi、Be Duty Free、Eraman
Petrol Station Petron、BHP Petrol
Australia F&B Peter's Fish Market、Nicholas Seafood、鹿角巷、九龙咖啡、Yayoi、BreadTop、贡茶
超市 新人人
Shopping AliceMcCall、欧舒丹、Priceline Pharmacy
Nepal F&B 肯德基
New Zealand Shopping Danske Mobler、The Design Store
F&B 鲜芋仙、正新鸡排、一麻一辣
Supermarket 新宜超市、乐华超市、新澳皇亚洲超市
US Supermarket 大华超市、168超市、夏威夷超市
Shopping 塞班免税店(Bottega Veneta、Kenzo、Givenchy、Balenciaga、Chloe)、GNC、科颜氏
F&B 海底捞、贡茶、coco奶茶
Canada Shopping Holt Renfrew、Harry Rosen、Sporting Life、Cadillac Fairview、Oxford Group、Tom Lee Music通利琴行、Birks、Humbertown Jewellers、London Drugs
F&B 海底捞、Chatime、Coco Fresh Tea、全聚德、小龙坎、Prestotea鲜茶道
Supermarket 丰泰超市、华泰超市、元初超市、建兴超級市場、福耀超市、润万家超市、佳廉超市、Galleria Supermarket、华京超市、中国世界超市、信达超市
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QR Wallets outside the Chinese Mainland

Outside the Chinese mainland, consumers can pay with UnionPay-powered QR wallets in the Asia Pacific, North America, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. Use cases cover food and beverage, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

  • HSBC Reward+


  • Boc Pay


  • 工银亚洲


  • 澳门中银


  • 广发银行 澳门


  • 汇丰澳门


  • 工银澳门


  • KB Pay


  • Paybooc


  • Woori


  • BBL BeWallet


  • GoPayz


  • Nestia


  • MB Bank


  • PayPal