• Customize a UnionPay card product that tailors to your specific needs and enjoy abundant privileges that meet your diversified card-using demands.
  • NBC UnionPay Prepaid Card

    NBC UnionPay Prepaid Card is a badminton themed card through the collaboration with NBC Badminton in Australia. This card is specifically designed for NBC badminton enthusiasts, aiming to provide greater convenience and rewards to NBC’s valued customers.

    With the NBC UnionPay Prepaid Card, NBC customers can enjoy a hassle-free payment experience both online and at its facility. Cardholders will have access to special discounts on court fees, merchandise, and coaching services.  This offers a unique opportunity for badminton enthusiasts to enhance their overall experience with NBC Badminton. This card can also be used in Australia, and any other countries and regions, where UnionPay cards or QR Code are accepted.

    To apply for the NBC Badminton UnionPay Prepaid Card, customers can visit NBC’s website or visit NBC facility’s customer service desk.

    NBC Badminton’s Website: https://nbcbadminton.com.au

  • HungryPanda UnionPay Cobrand Card (Digital Card)

    Download Hungry Panda APP and apply for HungryPanda UnionPay Cobrand Card, register account, complete KYC process and activate card, top up and pay immediately.
    HungryPanda UnionPay Cobrand Cardcan be used as a payment in Hungry Panda APP, and at all UnionPay QR Code merchants globally, and all the websites accepting UnionPay online payment as well.

  • Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Credit Card

    Universal acceptance

    The Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Credit Card is accepted through any UnionPay network in Australia and overseas. The card can be used to make purchases anywhere in the world that UnionPay is accepted and for cash withdrawals from ATMs at any Bank of China branch in Australia.

    Contactless purchases

    Unionpay QuickPass allows contactless purchases within seconds.

    Card security

    The card provides enhanced security for Bank of China customers through an EMV standard chip and 24/7 instant SMS notification of every card transaction. 
    Customers have control of their credit and can set separate transaction limits on additional cards.

    Online purchases

    Bank of China customers can make fast and convenient online purchases paying directly on their card or by linking their card to a PayPal Australia account.

    Travelling to China

    The UnionPay Card is the most widely accepted Australian issued card with merchants and ATMs in Mainland China. It is the ideal travel partner for Bank of China customers.

    Savings for customers

    Bank of China customers can take advantage of an interest free period of up to 50 days on card purchases and can make use of Interest-Free Instalment Plans to spread repayments over a number of periods for larger purchases or periods where expenses have been higher.

    Credit Provider is Bank of China (Australia) Limited, Australian Credit Licence number 287322. Information is correct as at 20/07/2020 and subject to change. Lending and credit criteria apply. See the terms and conditions available from Bank of China retail branches on request.

    Please refer to below link for Bank of China Retail Branches:

  • Great Wall International Debit Card (“GWI Debit Card”)

    Great Wall International Debit Card, co-branded by China UnionPay and EFTPOS, is the first dual-currency debit card issued in Australia. It can be linked to one or more of your Savings Accounts held with Bank of China (Australia) Limited. A GWI Debit Card will normally be accepted by most financial institutions, merchants and ATMs in Australia and Mainland China. In other countries and regions, where China UnionPay sponsored cards are accepted, the card will normally be accepted by financial institutions, merchants and ATMs displaying the UnionPay symbol. GWI Debit Card will be fully accepted in Australia and freely used in the global UnionPay network. Flexible accounts linking service enables you to use your funds more efficiently.

    Please refer to below link for Bank of China Retail Branches: